Pink Camo Wedding Rings, You Will Love It

Traditions were made to be broken, and that applies to everything including the classic wedding ring. The saying goes that there are different strokes for different folks and that applies to brides-to-be.  While some brides will want that perfect princess-cut diamond ring from Tiffany, others brides are interested in pink camo wedding rings to add a little flair to this timeless tradition.

Camo has long been used by hunters as a means to help them avoid detection in the woods. Traditionally, it was only worn as hunting or military apparel, but now camo patterns are breaking out into more than just apparel.  You can find camo furniture, bedding and of all things, even wedding rings.  Pink is a feminine color that appeals to most women, even women who love to hunt and fish and get down and dirty in the great outdoors.  Camouflage can now be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, not all of them utilitarian or practical.  While browns and greens get used the most by hunters, pink camouflage has become quite trendy.  Pink camo rings are a popular alternative for the outdoorsy bride.  These brides love nature and wearing a camouflage can help show the rest of the world how much they love the outdoors.

So where can you find a pink camo ring?  First of all, while growing in popularity, it is still a relatively narrow niche and not all major jewelry stores are going to carry these camo rings.  There are several online boutiques that cater to the outdoors-loving couples.  Many stores carry matching weddings sets of camo rings, one for her and one for him.  Many camo rings do not come with gemstones, but there are some stores out there that have them or can add them to an existing ring.  Pink camo is a popular option, but rest assured that there are numerous other types of camo rings available.

For brides that want a little extra bling, for an extra expense, they can opt for a custom ring that includes real diamonds.  It’s best to look at sites like eBay or Etsy for something custom like that.  While camo is certainly gaining in popularity, not many of the big jewelers are on board with the trends. It is easier to find these types of rings on auctions sites like eBay where a nice set can range from anywhere between $100 and $3,000 depending on the specifics of the ring.

If a person cannot find the perfect pink camo ring for them, an alternative might be to use a wrapping service. Any ring that is loved like a family heirloom for example, can be shipped to the vendor and they will wrap the ring in the camo of choice. This process doesn’t harm the gold and is often a cheaper method than finding one that is customized. With online sites full of people making specialty jewelry, the best prices and styles can be found at numerous sites on the internet. The real question becomes how do I pick from all the available options! The sky is the limit.

Every bride and groom can have unique rings that fit their taste and lifestyle. Many people prefer country living and the camo style that comes with it. Whether you’re military personnel, a hunter or just that’s a little bit redneck, pink camo wedding rings might just be the perfect symbol of love for you on your big day!

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