8 Killer And Result-Driven Tips On How To Save Money On Wedding

save money on wedding

Apart from birthday, school graduation or getting a new job, marriage ceremony is one of your biggest days on planet earth. While wedding events can be full of fun, excitement and joy, most people do not know how to plan it. Is your quest for how to save money on wedding? Are you looking for the wedding ideas on a tight budget or successful marriage tips? This content will provide you with comprehensive and result-driven tips to save money on your wedding.

The Videographer And Photographer:

wedding photos

1. Hire a school-student photographer. The next step to take is checking the portfolio of the hired photographer with previous portrait examples. While it can cut the budget by fifty percent, ensure that the hired person remains a professional

2. Communicate with former brides. Find people with almost the same sensibilities as yours to help make a decision if you will need the five hundred picture package or the one thousand photo option. Ensure you communicate with former brides and get a view of their experience.

3. Propose an affordable package. Based on the working hours, photographers are commonly known to offer a plethora of packages. Your getting-ready photos from home should be as candies. Let your visitors supplement the album with candies and try to cut the cake early. This will help to unleash the on-the-clock shooters.

The Liquor:

Wedding Alcohol

Serving signature cocktails will help you save enough money on your wedding. One of the largest expenses of a marriage ceremony is alcohol. Alcohol can burn a big hole in your wedding budget quickly. Consider providing a limited bar for your wedding. This is because most reception services will charge you for every opened bottle.

On this note, selecting a signature cocktail with a single type of liquor saves you more money. Based on the wedding event’s preferences, you can ask the reception site workers to stock a few other bottles. Serve only enough champagne, wine and beer for toasts is another great option.

The Food:

wedding food

1. Try to avoid the normal buffet meal or sit-down dinner together. It is better to plan a cocktail reception with cocktails and cake or punch and cake. There is also another option of organizing a potluck reception with more intimate wedding. It makes you have the feeling of your community as well.

2. A combination plate can save you more money. To save on your food expenses, try to get rid of a choice of entrée. Serve a couple of beef medallions and a few grilled shrimp.

3. Let the reception be a daytime event. It is cheaper and easier to serve brunch or lunch instead of dinner.

The Date:

1. Select any day but not Saturday. The most popular day for marriage is always Saturday. Ask about the costs for Sunday and Friday night weddings. These days are speedily becoming amazing and common to have a marriage ceremony.

2. Off-peak times will make a good weeding date. There is more negotiating strength when the competition of the dates remains less. In the month of November, it will be easier to cut off twenty to thirty percent from your weeding budget.

wedding date

The Timeline:

1. Take your time. Taking advantage of seasonal sales can come when you give yourself more time. There is every possibility to get rid of almost seventy-five percent off silver decorations prior to the Xmas holidays. Selecting your flower girl’s and ring bearer outfit on sale can be done at Easter.

2. The wedding plan timeline should be shortened. It will be easier and simple to arrange the marriage ceremony if you do not wait for a year.

The Flowers:

wedding flowers

1. Avoid cascades. The labor remains the hidden cost of flowers just like cakes. For the attendants and bride, you are design small handmade bouquets. Remember that a lot of wiring is needed for cascades and this means higher cost and more labor.

2. In your arrangements and bouquets make use one type of flowers. Since the florist will be required to position only one huge order, it is simply a budget-friendly decision. It will make your wedding event have a chic monochromatic appearance.

3. For your reception try to select local and seasonal flowers. It will help to bring the season into your wedding ceremony. Since the florist will not important any out-of-season or exotic blooms, it will cut costs.

4. Design your special centerpieces. It is a time-consuming move and process to create centerpieces. This can lead to spending more money to hire specialists to handle the job. On this note, it is a good idea to design centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner and cocktail tables.

The Wedding Cake:

Wedding Cake

1. Small cakes are great. A smaller cake with a beautiful design can be ready for display and used during cutting. For serving in the kitchen, you can have a sheet cake.

2. Do the final touch by yourself. Remember that labor will help to determine the cost of a wedding cake. Forget matching the lace from your gown or sugar-paste flowers in fondant. Try to make use of real satin or lace ribbon covered around every layer. It will look lovely because all you do is to simply pin the material.

The Wedding Dress:

Wedding Dress

1. With philanthropy combine self-interest. Try to visit one of the sales outlets of used and donated new gowns. There is every possibility to also visit a consignment or vintage store that deals with wedding outfits.

2. Consider borrowing or renting an outfit. If you are unable to rent an outfit, simply purchase a secondhand wedding dress. There is every possibility that the outfit you bought has been used only one time. For posting, you can consider looking Craigslist or eBay. In some cases, you may get a great deal if the bride postpone the wedding or changes her mind about the dress.

3. Shop sample or designer sales. Explore popular annual sales b y finding out close dates. In most cases, you may eventually get a cheaper dress that would have sold for a high cost.


Selecting a nontraditional venue will also help you save money on your wedding. Skip favors and make some materials do double duty. Take advantage of the skills of the family, friends and bridal party.

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