2018 Best Tips for Flooring Maintenance

To protect them and prolong their life, the flooring must be maintained regularly. Contrary to popular belief, there is no miracle product. Here are some homemade tips for a flawless floor!

Cleaning Guide

The first step? Remove deposits, dust and hair with a cloth and a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. Micro-dust scrapes the floor when you walk on it. It is also essential to thoroughly clean the floors.

Flooring Cleaning Guide

  • Hardwood: polishing it with a dry and soft cloth will revive its radiance. It is suggested to use a solvent-based (not water-based) cleaner, then wax and polish the floor once a year.
  • Floating wood: hot water is enough! If the floor is really stained, you can add a little black soap or vinegar.
  • Ceramic: Hot water is ideal for gentle cleaning, while household cleaning products are perfect for a good housekeeping. The application of sealant on the joints facilitates routine maintenance.

Tips to Make Disappear

clean maintain hardwood flooring

  • Traces of rubber soles: rub them with the sole of a running shoe. Otherwise, by mixing baking soda with water to form a paste, one can easily dislodge this kind of mark.
  • Scratches on a waterproof hardwood flooring: Spread peanut butter, let it dry, then remove the excess with a soft cloth.

For a Brighter Wood Finish

  • Black tea infused with washing water is incorporated;
  • Two plugs of bubbles for the bath are added to hot water;
  • Murphy soap and 250 ml of vinegar are mixed in 4 liters of water.

Cleaning Flooring


  • To use a product that is too strong
  • Spray or pour a cleaner directly onto the flooring;
  • Use a wet mop that can leave a surplus of water and thus damage the soil;
  • Use more than one vinegar plug per liter of water to clean a wood flooring. The oxidation would be detrimental to its luster.

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