Different Type of Men’s Hats – So What’s Your Options?

Men wear hats for several reasons. Some hats are designed to keep the glare out of their eyes while having fun in the sun. Other hats are meant to be worn in the frigid winter months so the nice, warm heat is preserved and bitter, cold air is repelled. And some hats are worn by men to cover up the bare spot on their heads that has become more prominent over the years. The purpose of the hat is one thing, but it is important that it performs its duties while making the man look stylish. Many cool styles of men’s hats add flair to function.


The fedora is currently the hottest selling hat in stores today. In the late 1800’s, upper-class citizens donned them in order to show that they were members of the aristocratic society. At the turn of the next century, they appealed to more of the general public and sold even more than before. Eventually, some of the biggest names in Hollywood began to wear them on film. Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant both encouraged men everywhere to seek out the fedora with the style they exhibited on the silver screen. As time moved on to the present, fedoras have only increased in popularity. And let us not forget the boost the fedora received when Indiana Jones made it his headgear of choice while undertaking one of his many adventures.

Another hat steeped in history that is still cool today is the bowler hat. Born in the 1850’s, the purpose of the bowler was to fit a wide array of budgets and therefore was mass produced. Because almost anyone could afford one, the bowler hat was one of the most ubiquitous articles of clothing seen in the late 19th Century. Also known as the derby, the bowler hat has a rounded top and low-crown or stingy bottom brims. Once protection against low-hanging branches for equestrians, these hats are now fashionable for all sorts of occasions.

Men’s Outback Hats

The outback hat is another cool style of men’s hat that takes the crown from a safari hat and places it on the brim of a cowboy hat. As you can probably guess, the hat’s name comes from its beginnings in the Australian Outback. Men there wished to keep the harsh glare of the sun out of their eyes, and the outback hat was born. When ‘The Man from Snowy River’ was released in the United States in the early 80’s, the hat saw a rise in popularity. But when ‘Crocodile Dundee’ came storming out of the gates in the late 80’s, the outback hat saw sales unheard of until then. They are a wonderful hat to wear while doing almost anything outside on a bright, sunny day.

Men’s hats do not need to sacrifice style for function. They can look good while still getting the job done. It’s all about fashion and practicality all in one.

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