9 Tips Will Help You to Save Money on Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Saving money on favors is much easier to do than cutting back on something more important, such as photography. With a little creativity (and some help from your bridesmaids), you can make beautiful, thoughtful favors on any budget.

  1. Shop Around: Candles are classic ingredients in any romantic setting. It pays to shop around, so check out those downtown discount stores, or look online — you may find candles for half the price.
  2. Couple Up: Why not offer one favor per couple? Your favor budget was just cut in half. This might even free you up to choose something a little more expensive and still save.
  3. Wrap It Up: Ask the bridesmaids to come over and help you tie up each favor with ribbon and tulle. Wrapping your own favors is a big money saver. Pre-wrapped favors can cost more than double the price.
  4. In The Kitchen: Delight them all with homemade preserves or cookies in lovely boxes. Attach the recipe for a tasty treat that won’t break the bank.
  5. Double Duty: How about favors as centerpieces? Arrange your favors creatively at the center of each table. You’ll spotlight your fabulous favors and save centerpiece costs. Lovely potted topiaries work particularly well for this purpose.
  6. A Special Note: Make unique scrolls by printing a meaningful poem or note to your guests on seed paper. This special, relatively inexpensive paper has flower seeds imbedded in each sheet. And here’s the best part: Guests can plant the paper and flowers will grow.
  7. Eye Candy: Recruit your guests to make your favors. Fill glass jars or bowls with a colorful assortment of candy or traditional Jordan almonds purchased in bulk. Place a scoop in each container and provide little pre-cut ribbon bags. Display everything on a table near the reception entrance, along with an invitation for guests to help themselves.
  8. Less Is More: Consider a single chocolate truffle or candy on each plate. It’ll be like a tiny personal, elegant, and simple thought from you to each of your guests. Match the candy to your wedding colors for an eye-catching, economical favor.
  9. Bulbs: Flower bulbs are an ideal favor, filled with hope and potential. Though they may be less than beautiful at first, these bulbs will bring forth gorgeous blooms in no time. Paperwhite or hyacinth bulbs in small glass pots (called bulb forcers) make great favors. Or simply wrap the bulbs of your choice in ribbon-tied tulle bags.

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