2018 Men’s Fashion Guideline : Tips For Looking Good

men’s fashion clothing collection

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is not easy. Every month there seems to be new styles and cuts that warrants many of us to regularly change our wardrobes to keep up with the times. Occasionally we get lucky and some styles come back into fashion after a short amount of time, but normally the full circle takes at least a few years, by which time we have already got rid of our old clothes and bought new styles of clothing to take their place.

The turn of this new decade brings with it a return to retro styles and floral designs. It seems designers are trying to change the way men view fashion and enthuse a more feminine mentality to men’s fashion styles. Though co-currently there are a few styles that are very masculine that are making a big splash this year. Below are some of the hottest trends to be seen in over the coming year.

men's leather jackets

Leather jackets are making a big comeback. Well, that is not strictly true as leather jackets never seem to truly go out of fashion; they just linger around, occasionally popping back to the forefront for a brief spot at the top, then drop back to let other styles shine. Particularly hot this coming year is the bomber style jacket which has been seen gracing the big catwalks of late with minor modernizations from the top designers.

casual blazers for men

One more comeback this year is the blazer which seems to be taking over the catwalks of recent months. Blazers have now moved away from strictly formal wear to informal, casual wear that can be worn, it seems, almost anywhere at any time. These jackets currently look best in light pastel colors such as yellow, beige and green.

Here is a strange one, but it seems that with the current trend for fashion designers to use feminine influences for men’s fashion clothing, there has been quite a lot of male models sporting crop-tops on catwalks of late. These t-shirts are not just tight shirts, but actually show quite a lot of midriff skin, so if you have not been to the gym recently, you may want to avoid this particular style until you get a chance to go!

With this year’s spring and summer collections already out, the color trends are pointing at natural, pastel colors for informal and formal clothing alike. The only color combinations seen are with very neutral tones such as light grey and black. With the 2011 autumn and winter collections, designers are heading towards bolder colors but not overly bright colors, so that means strong reds and deeper colors like black and dark, natural earthy tones.

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